COVID-Preneurs Need Self-Care to Succeed by: Guest Blogger Christopher Haymon

One of the best parts of becoming a COVID-preneur is that it’s easy, relaxing, and takes little time.

Just kidding! Whether you’re managing your first startup or have decades of experience, you’re probably aware of the stressors and long hours that come with running your own business. Doing so during a pandemic? While it’s a popular choice, the addition of stress that our world is enduring ramps up the challenge that much more.

Challenge the Statistics

Self-care refers to what you do to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs. The demands of COVID-preneurship make it especially important to make time for self-care; how can you perform your best work if your mental and emotional needs aren't being met? Yet even if it's essential, Birchbox notes that only one third of Americans practice a self-care regimen.

Since you can’t pour from an empty cup, it’s time to challenge those statistics and make self-care part of your strategies for success.

Get Some Sweat On

Exercising every day is likely to put you in a better, calmer mood. As Johns Hopkins Medicine explains, any kind of aerobic exercise releases feel-good chemicals for your brain, which can help you feel happy and calm even in the face of a busy workday. In addition to the immediate relaxation that results from working out, regular exercise can improve your focus, ability to switch tasks, and long-term health.

If the weather's nice, you can start a morning jog, go cycling or go for a steady, quick-paced walk, but you can also go to a gym or do a workout in your living room. As Thrive/Strive points out, a little room to stretch out and 20 minutes is all you need for a good workout.

Wind Down With Friends

Even if your job provides interaction with others, social time with friends and family is an irreplaceable stress-reducer for your happiness and health. It doesn’t need to eat into what little downtime you have; make plans to meet for lunch or grab a cuppa on the way to work. Even a brief connection can be fulfilling.

Spending time around loved ones can also be an opportunity for other relaxation techniques. Your friends can benefit as much as you from a spa day, movie night, or yoga session, enjoying each other’s company and relaxing. You might even plan a getaway through a service like Book Yoga Retreats to get your om on together!

Find Ways To Save Time

When it comes to the reasons most COVID-preneurs don’t engage in self-care, available time has to rank at the top. But there are ample ways to cut your obligations so you can engage in those all-important you-focused tasks.

Writing emails and promotional content, using social media, and developing your brand are crucial but time-consuming parts of running a business. To focus on other work you need to do as a business owner, you can hire services to help you cover administrative and marketing tasks. The right service, like professional writing from Mom Is Always Write Media, saves you time and energy so you can focus on other critical tasks, like getting in your workout or connecting with a client.

Perfect Your Business Organization

Do you stress over the financial future of your venture? To reduce their worries, many entrepreneurs turn their business into a limited liability company. One benefit of this organization is in the name: An LLC limits the liability of its investors to the quantity they invested. If the business goes bankrupt or has heavy debts, rest easy knowing your personal assets, and those of any partners you have, will not be affected.

Forming an LLC can also offer tax benefits and flexibility. Depending on whether you have business partners and how you want your LLC to be taxed, you can plan ahead to have every possible advantage come tax season. You can form an LLC on your own, but if you'd rather not, there are affordable online services like Zen Business LLC that can walk you through the steps, and it only costs $49.

Entrepreneurs are human beings, and implementing self-care practices within and outside of the workplace is as important for you as anyone else. While some of these tips apply directly to your work, all of them are good for business because they're good for you.

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