Top 7 Reasons Why G Suite Rocks

Congratulations! You own your own business. You are a dynamic, multitasking superhero. Ask yourself: are you as productive as you could be? According to Fox Business News, in 2013, small business owners wasted four billion hours each year on administrative tasks. Indeed in 2020, the era of ever-changing technology, someone has developed software that simplifies these otherwise time-consuming activities. I wanted to see what was out there. Whatever I found needed to lighten your load. I searched high and low. I even asked 40 local businesses in West Covina, California, what they use the most.

I wanted to find one that was easy to use and increased productivity by saving you time. Thus, freeing you, the business owner, to grow your business. I half expected it to be like searching for gold, or the holy grail. To my surprise, every business owner that I spoke to said the same thing: G Suite was their preferred SaaS for day to day administrative tasks. G Suite is a service product that is the ultimate one-stop shopping experience. It has all of Google’s productivity apps in one place. It was created to be a b2b SaaS, but it is also an invaluable tool for managing a large household. Its versatility ensures that you get the most for your money. While is still my favorite for checklists, G Suite has quickly earned its place as my favorite everything else. Without further ado, here are the seven reasons why G Suite rocks:

User-friendly dashboard

According to Quickbooks, the number nine greatest time waster is looking for things you need. While you are looking for paperwork in your office or looking for files on your computer, you are not productive. Sometimes it’s not your fault. Sometimes SaaS platforms are just too complicated or time-consuming for the average user. Clearbridge mobile cites poor user experience as a top reason for app failure. This can be applied to anything. If a Saas is too challenging to use, even the most tech-savvy user will likely abandon it.

Whether you have a small business or a large, multibillion-dollar corporation, you have to meet your employees where they are in terms of their different skill sets. There are no guarantees that every employee you hire will be comfortable with computers. You can end up hiring an extremely tech-savvy college graduate. You could also end up hiring someone who is barely computer-literate. You need a Saas that is easy to use for people of all skill levels. Fortunately for us, Google understands this. As a result, G Suite’s User-friendly dashboard is Saas’s best feature.

Even though G Suite is straightforward to use, I wanted to check out the help options just in case. I did not like the lack of a live chat option. If you need help, you have to click the contact us link and wait for support to contact you. The community feature is helpful. When you click help and get past the FAQs, you have the option of connecting tothe community. Community boards are where people post issues that are not in the FAQ. In the unlikely event that you need technical support, the community boards offer a wealth of information. Everything you need is right at your fingertips and easy to understand. You will be able to jump right into the business of making money.

The Templates

Business owners waste copious amounts of time every week, trying to create spreadsheets for essential business functions. Business owners spend more than 63 hours weekly on this, to be exact. 56 percent of business owners admit that they would be far more productive if they spent less time on paperwork like payroll and invoices. G Suite offers all the different templates that your business may need, and some you did not know you needed. This feature takes the guesswork out of your business’ paperwork. Have a presentation? No problem. There is a template for that. Newsletter, project proposal, meeting notes? There is a template for that too.

Checking your work email is the easiest way to let your day get away from you. All the ads, spam, and cat videos can drop you into a rabbit hole of distraction. Unfortunately, email is a necessary evil. With Drives and Docs, you have fewer reasons to get lost in the work email’s black hole. You can simply click on Drives and Docs from the dashboard, and you and your team can work together remotely. There is My Drive for you, and Shared Drives for you and your colleagues. If you have a proposal that you and your team are working on, you can log into Drives, and your entire team can make changes in real-time. It is a huge time saver when it comes to editing team projects. This is also convenient for memos and announcements. You can send the memo on docs and drives. You know without a shadow of a doubt that there are no strange memes or cat videos. That drive is specifically for your work project. Say goodbye to the days of ordering take-out, and pulling all-nighters at the office. G Suites has this thing handled.

Attend meetings from anywhere.

Have you ever attended a team meeting that you felt should have been an email? Sitting in endless meetings is one of the biggest time wasters for your business. With apps like Google Hangouts and Google Meet, you can schedule and attend meetings remotely. You can minimize the video chat screen to take notes, maybe work on other projects. Being able to access the meeting from your computer allows you to multitask and increase productivity. This feature also makes you, and your team leaders, available in real-time should any questions arise.

As a secondary benefit: your employees will be more relaxed. Dr. Rick Hanson, the author of the greater good blog, asserts that people needlessly fear other people. He cites, being in a meeting with other people can be a source of anxiety and stress. He followed up that statement by saying that the anxiety increases significantly when a coworker disagrees with you during that meeting. Having the option to attend meetings remotely will reward you with happy, productive employees.

All the apps in G Suite are also available on your mobile phone.

Idle time is wasted time. This feature makes it convenient for you and your employees to turn downtime into getting work done time. One of the downsides to the mobile feature is that you have to download each of the productivity apps individually and group them yourself. The other downside is the potential for distraction. In fact, in every scenario involving mobile devices where productivity goes down, texting is always the culprit. I would be remiss if I did not point out that those instances are the exception, not the rule.

The opposite is true of most employees. When insight reported a CITO business survey results, 30 percent of the people surveyed said that the mobile apps made them more productive. Ease of use was an essential factor in that statistic. Being allowed to use their own devices, instead of company devices also made a difference. It's easier to use a tool that you are already familiar with. So, the most productive employees were the ones that were able to use their cellphones for work. If there is work that needs to be finished, they only must log in to their account, and all their projects were at the palm of their hand.

The calendar syncs to your phone and sends you reminders.

Remember how I said you were a dynamic, multitasking superhero? You have a lot on your plate. It’s understandable if you need a little help keeping track of your schedule. Between the meetings, the projects, and all the brainstorming you will be doing to grow your business, you cannot be expected to remember everything, can you? According to The Muse, you will spend approximately 50 percent of your time in meetings. That is a lot of meetings to keep track of but never fear. When your memory fails you, Google calendar has your back. When you have an appointment, all you have to do is click on your appointment date. The day pops up, you add your appointment, and set the reminder. It has preset reminders times. You can select a reminder to alarm either 10 minutes, one hour, or one day prior. You can also customize the reminder times. Your appointment will sync to the calendar on your phone. It will also send you email reminders. You can customize what kind of alarm you want to alert you when it’s time. You can choose what view you want to look at. You can choose to view day, week, month, or year. It also has a task function. The calendar feature will keep you on top of your schedule.

Low cost, no annual commitment, and oh so many features.

When it’s time to get organized, and the idea of buying software comes up, the first question most ask is how much is this going to cost me? Businesses’ priority is always their customer. Their bottom line is a close second. It would not be practical to get your business organized only to have the cost of the software set you back more than you can afford. You are too smart for that. I put G Suite to the test, and here is how it did. When compared to its competitors, G Suite holds its own. It costs $12 per month with no annual commitment requirement. Microsoft office 365 costs $12.50 per month. They cost almost the same; however, you must commit to a year-long contract with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office Professional costs $499.99, but G Suite still has more features. Finances online list all the features each SaaS has, and G Suite is still blowing its competition out of the water.

I am sharing the wisdom of 40 local business owners and this busy freelance writer and mother. G Suite is easy to use. The productivity apps help you to stay on top of your business. They minimize the time thieves, digital clutter, disorganization, email, administrative paperwork, and meetings. They also make working together with your team much more efficient. The mobile device accessibility helps you maximize the use of your time. Last but not least, it is cost-effective. You can use it for your business and your home. I have only listed seven of the many reasons G Suite rocks. If you get out there and use it to increase your business’s productivity, I am 100 percent sure that you will find your reasons to love it. As for this writer, I give G Suite two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Do you use G-Suite? What is your review of it?

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